Lest We Forget 
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Lest We Forget...Honoring those whom we love. 

Honor Your Departed with Full Service
Grave Maintenance and Decoration!

Trimming * Cleanups * Flowers * Mulch  
* Planting * Stone Cleaning * Grave Site Photos

Lest We Forget
 is one of the premier full service grave maintenance and decoration companies in the New England area.  We offer a wide range of services that include: grave site cleanups, trimming of shrubs, seasonal flowers, mulching, flags, planting, stone cleanings, photos of grave site, and holiday decorations! Our experienced staff provides a clean and prompt service.

Don't have the time to maintain your loved ones grave site?  Lest We Forget will help you with all your grave maintenance needs.  We offer a wealth of experience and expertise, in an extremely customer service friendly environment. 

Call today to learn about how we can help you maintain your loved ones grave site without all the hassle!

                Call (617) 429-4842 to sign up 

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