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Perimeter Pest Control
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Serving Northeast Massachusetts 
Organic and Traditional Insect Control Programs
7 days a week

As a licensed owner/operator of the buisness I can always walk away from a job knowing the job was done properly and with respect for your property.      

Service available 

Emergency service is available for active infestations

Our Foundation plans are for treating the current perimeter pest insect problem or prevention of infestations and include ongoing monitoring.

Additional programs are available for wood destroying insect control for powder post beetles, termites, and carpenter ants.  Mosquito and tick control programs are also available.

This Quarterly program for perimeter pest control is designed to keep crawling insects like ants, occasional invaders such as crickets, earwigs and spiders, from entering your home or buisness in the first place.  Monitoring stations are installed at key locations to determine insect activity.  By constantly monitoring we can determine the type of traditional control that will be implemented. 

Our IPM approach includes carefully monitoring your homes exterior for harborage areas, insect activity and points of entry. We use preventative and curative controls as needed.  Because we care about the enviroment, all products are EPA approved and used in an enviromentally responcible manner. 

Organic Based Perimeter Pest Control is done bi-monthly
This program is the same as our basic program but we use  natural insecticides as a preventative.  Monitoring stations are also installed and monitored between visits.  Curative controls are implemented on an individual basis, determined by monitoring outcome.

Many types of insects can bite humans. While these bites can cause itching, irritation, and discomfort, clearly not all bites are poisonous. However, in some cases the bites or stings of ants, bees, wasps, ticks and spiders may require special attention.  While painful for all, the stings of bees and wasps are very dangerous- even lethal- to those who are highly allergic to them.  To prevent insects stings and bites, be careful not to leave food, drinks, and garbage out and uncovered. The smell of these things attracts insects, bees, and wasps. Similarly, sweet beverages, perfumes and bright clothing can also attract insects. Be sure not to walk barefoot, and to check beverages, clothing, towels and shoes that have been lying around immediately before using them, as insects and spiders can sometimes hide in these places. Spiders
There are two types of venomous, dangerous spiders whose habitats extend to include Massachusetts  These are the Black Widow Spider and the Brown Recluse. The bite of either of these spiders is considered poisonous, but encounters with both spiders are rare in New England. Bites are infrequent in our region, and death is also unlikely.

Area Serviced MA

Area Serviced

Amesbury MA 01913
Andover MA 01810
Bedford MA 01730
Belmont MA 02478
Beverly MA 01915
Bradford  MA 01835
Burlington MA 01830
Byfield MA 01922
Boxford MA 01921
Danvers MA 01923
Essex MA 01929
Groveland MA 01834
Georgetown, MA 01833
Gloucester MA 01930
Hamilton MA 01936
Haverhill MA 01830
Ipswitch MA 01938
Lexington MA 02420
Lincoln MA 01773
Lynnfield MA 01940
Manchester MA 01944
Marblehead MA 01945
Merrimac MA 01860
Middleton MA 01949
Newbury MA 01951
Newburyport MA 01950
Newton MA 02460
North Andover MA 01845
Peabody MA 01960
Plum Island MA 01950 
Rockport MA 01966
Rowley MA 01969
Salem MA 01970
Salisbury MA 01952
South Hamilton MA 01982
Topsfield MA 01983
Wenham MA 01984
West Newbury MA 01985
Woburn MA 01801

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Amesbury, MA 01913
Bradford, MA 01835
Byfield, MA 01922
Boxford, MA 01921
Groveland, MA 01834
Georgetown, MA 01833
Haverhill, MA 01830
Ipswitch, MA 01938
Merrimac, MA 01860
Middleton,MA 01949
Newbury, MA 01951
Newburyport, MA 01950
North Andover, MA 01845
Plum Island, MA 01950 
Rowley, MA 01969
Salisbury, MA 01952
Topsfield, MA 01983
West Newbury, MA 01985
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