Lest We Forget 
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Plain St. Cemetery, Braintree, MA:

"While returning from MA recently, I stopped at my Mom and Dad's grave site.  I observed how moss had creeped over the stone and that the surrounding plantings had become overgrown, preventing the inscriptions on the stone from being read.  I then recalled receiving an email about the Lest We Forget program of care for grave sites.  I hired the company and the services performed exceeded my expectations.  I received before and after pictures and the work was conducted with respect and dignity.  Being out-of-state, I now have peace of mind knowing that my parents' earthly place will present well for my and other Family member's future visits."
-Michael S. Komich, Business Manager, Cheverus High School, Portland, ME

St. Joseph's Cemetery, West Roxbury, MA:

"Thank you for the care you showed to our family plot in St. Joseph's Cemetery.  I was five when my Nana picked out the plot in 1949.  Sadly, she died that December.  My Grandfather, my Mom, and Dad are also there.  They would be pleased with the stone cleaning, trimmed bushes, bright flowers, and the extra care that made our grave site something to feel both love and pride.  Thank you for your attention to our family plot."

Patricia McDonald

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